About Compass

Homes are what I do. For my clients, the value of a home is two-fold: it’s the financial value to those buying and selling on the real estate market, and it’s the personal, physical value to you as you spend your days and nights at home. By serving clients as both a real estate agent and a Class A home renovation contractor, I can combine these complex areas of expertise into one singular source of unparalleled home value improvement knowledge. 

In partnership with Compass, and their one-of-a-kind Compass Concierge service, I’m able to provide my clients with interest-free home improvements services that will have you ready to sell for top dollar in no time. I’ll work with you to determine what services will maximize returns on your investments in a transparent, fast, and easy manner.

For clients young and old, buying a home for the first time can be a terrifying process, especially in Northern Virginia. Fortunately, in today’s digital marketplace, it’s easier than ever to make sense of these complex processes. With Compass, you can virtually tour existing homes or access unique new developments across the NOVA area. Start your search today! https://www.compass.com/