Windows: Your Most Reliable Return-on-Investment

Windows in a Building Against a Blue Sky

November 2, 2019 –

Homes are what I do. For my clients, the value of a home is two-fold: it’s the financial value to those buying and selling on the real estate market, and it’s the personal, physical value to you as you spend your days and nights at home. By serving clients as both a real estate agent and a Class A home renovation contractor, I can combine these complex areas of expertise into one singular source of unparalleled home value improvement knowledge for my PenFed Realty clients and my Phase II Renovations clients.

Offering my expertise in these two sides of the industry as one ideal combination, I’m eager to help clients maximize their return on investment (ROI) on their homes as a Realtor and as a Class A contractor. Among all the various improvements homeowners can make, the most regularly solid ROIs (or returns-on-investment) are for mid-range windows.

Windows have traditionally been, and still are, one of the most reliable renovations you can make, in terms of ROI. This is especially true for aging, inefficient windows that could also pose a security risk. According to Architectural Digest, opting for a mid-range window replacement provides an average return of $1.15 for every $1 spent. Upscale window replacements are mostly done for design reasons, and therefore that extra expenditure isn’t always going to aesthetically agree with your future buyer (average ROI is $1.02 per $1, which is still just over breaking even).

Improving the functionality of windows is a top-priority renovation for many reasons, but keep in mind that fancier designs don’t make windows more efficient. It makes them more beautiful, which can be very important. Either way, window renovation is classically one of the most valuable services we provide for our clients.

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